Subordinate substantive clauses

In the compound clause, the subordinate substantive clauses perform the same functions than the noun in the simple clause. Es necesaria la opinión de todos. (Simple clause) Es necesario que todos opinen. (Compound clause) Veo una cosa. (Simple clause) Veo que tienes prisa. (Compound clause) 1 The subordinate substantive clause functions as subject with these… Continue reading Subordinate substantive clauses

Adjectival or relative subordinate clauses

The adjectival clauses modify nouns or pronouns of the main clauseas an adjective would do it. These clauses are introduced by relative pronoun, adjectives or adverbs. La música que escucha mi hijo no me gusta. (Pronoun) Las montañas donde viven los gorilas están muy lejos. (Adverb) 1 Antecedent The antecedent is the noun to which… Continue reading Adjectival or relative subordinate clauses

Cuánto, cuán: exclamation and interrogation

1 Cuánto and cuán are adverbs, they mean en alto grado, mucho and they are used in exclamations and interrogations. ¡Cuánto come este niño! (= This child eats a lot) ¿Cuánto te debo? The adverb cuánto is shortened cuán before adjectives, adverbs, past participles or adverbial phrases; except before the adverb más and before the… Continue reading Cuánto, cuán: exclamation and interrogation


1 The exclamation is between marks ¡! and expresses surprise, admiration or anger. ¡Bien! ¡Bravo! ¡Olé! Sometimes the exclamatory clauses appear between question marks. ¿No es fantástico? And some others, the exclamation indicates the refusal of an idea; in this case, the intonation and the context are important. ¡Para chistes estoy yo! (= I do… Continue reading Exclamation


In Spanish interrogative pronouns, adjectives and adverbs may be used to build a question, or without them, simply by a change in intonation. 1 The interrogation with ¿es que? is equivalent to the question made by the intonation. ¿Es que nadie me hace caso? ¿Nadie me hace caso? 2 Interrogative pronouns and adjectives Masculine Feminine… Continue reading Interrogation