The prefix re- precedes some verbs indicating repetition: Recomprar(= Volver a comprar algo que se había vendido) Revivir(= Volver a vivir algo que estaba mustio) Readmitir(= Volver a admitir a alguien expulsado de algún sitio) Rehacer(= Volver a hacer algo) Also may modify the sense of a noun. Recompra(= El acto de volver a comprar)… Continue reading Re-


The suffixe -ble means the possibility of a quality, and always forms adjectives. Impermeable (= That water can not penetrate)) Inagotable (= That it can not be ran out) Indestructible (= That it can not be destroyed) Compatible (= Two or more things tha can not be together) Comprensible (= That it can be understood)… Continue reading -ble


The suffixe -azo is added to many instruments, meaning a blow given with that instrument. Martillazo (= Blow given with a hammer) Mazazo (= Blow given with a mallet) Hachazo (= Blow given with an axe) These are some of the most used: Dar puñetazos a alguien [alguien]. Me dio un puñetazo en la cara… Continue reading -azo


Some suffixes indicates corn for something or bad quality. 1 They modify nouns -orro, -orra: tintorro (= a red wine of poor quality). –ucho, -ucha: pueblucho (= a small and ugly town), tenducha (= a small, poorly stocked shop). -azo, -aza: pelmazo (= someone too boring). -ote, -ota: papelote (= an irrelevant piece of paper),… Continue reading Pejoratives