The suffixe -ble means the possibility of a quality, and always forms adjectives.

Impermeable (= That water can not penetrate))
Inagotable (= That it can not be ran out)
Indestructible (= That it can not be destroyed)
Compatible (= Two or more things tha can not be together)
Comprensible (= That it can be understood)
Incorregible (= That it can not be corrected)
Increíble (= That it can not be believed)
Inevitable (= That it can not be avoided)
Inexplicable (= That it can not be explained)
Infatigable (= That it does not get tired)
Insoportable (= That no one can endure)
Invisible (= That it can not be seen)
Oxidable (= That it can be oxidized)
Perceptible (= That it can be perceived)
Posible (= That it can happen)

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