1 The determiners are: indefinite adjectives, distributive adjectives, numeral adjectives, possessive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives, exclamatory adjectives, interrogative adjectives and definite articles. 2 Indefinite adjectives The indefinite determiners show in an impreciseway a numberof things or persons. They are: Singular Plural Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine Cierto Cierta Ciertos Ciertas Cualquier Cualquier Cualesquiera Cualesquiera Otro Otra Otros… Continue reading Determiners


Nominalize is to turn an element of the clause into a noun. The most wide spread way to turn other grammatical categories into a noun is by an article or another determiner. On the other hand, some adjectives maybe nominalized without determiners. Esta película gusta a grandes y pequeños.(= Esta película gusta a los adultos… Continue reading Nominalization

Articles: general

1 The articles agree in gender and number with the noun they modify. Las manzanas Un niño El fuego Una vaca When the noun is invariable, the article as other determiners indicates gender. El árabe La árabe Este dentista Esta dentista The articles always precede the noun. La sandía El perfume   Singular Neuter Plural… Continue reading Articles: general