Group 11: huir

Y replaces i in all the singular persons and in the third person of the plural of the present indicative and in the whole the present subjunctive.

  • UIR afluir, atribuir, concluir, confluir, constituir, construir, contribuir, derruir, destituir, destruir, diluir, disminuir, distribuir, excluir, fluir, huir, imbuir, incluir, inmiscuir, influir, instituir, instruir, intuir, obstruir, prostituir, reconstruir, recluir, rehuir, restituir, retribuir, substituir, sustituir.
Present indicative Present subjunctive Imperative
Yo huyo Yo huya  
Tú huyes Tú huyas Tú huye
Él huye Él huya Usted huya
Nosotros huimos Nosotros huyamos Nosotros huyamos
Vosotros huís Vosotros huyáis Vosotros huid
Ellos huyen Ellos huyan Ustedes huyan

The change from i to y in preterit, imperfect subjunctive and gerund is an orthographic irregularity as we said above.