O and u

Before word beginning with o or ho is used u instead of o.

Mujer u hombre

Plata u oro

The conjunctions o and u have several values.

1 Excluding conjunction

O and u may indicate that is only possible one of two parts.

  • They also may introduce one of several possibilities.

Ven el lunes o el martes. (= But not on Monday and Tuesday)

Ponle harina de trigo o almidón. (= But not both things)

  • For instance in challenges.

O te quedas o te vas, decídete.

Tú eliges: o él o yo.

2 Explanatory conjunction

Mozart acabó la Sinfonía número 38, o Praga, en 1787.

El protagonista, o actor principal, tiene que ser alguien famoso.

3 Concessive

“Burro grande ande o no ande.” (= I choose the big and bulky object, even if it turns out to be the worst option.)

Me casaré con él, tenga o no tenga dinero. (= I will marry him, although he has no money.)

4 Copulative

Its meaning is synonymous with the conjunction y.

Perros o gatos pueden ser buenos animales de compañía.

Aquí solo pueden aparcar coches o motos.