Group 2: contar

La o changes to ue in all the singular persons and in the third person of the plural of the present indicative and in the whole present subjunctive.

  • O AR acordar, almorzar, apostar *1 , aprobar, asolar *2 , avergonzar, colar, colgar, comprobar, concordar, consolar, contar, costar, degollar, demostrar, desaprobar, descolgar, descontar, desosar *3 , desollar, despoblarse, encontrar, engrosar, esforzarse, forzar, mostrar, poblar, probar, recordar, recostar, reforzar, renovar, repoblar, reprobar, resollar, resonar, revolcar, rodar, rogar, sobrevolar, soldar, soltar, sonar, soñar, tostar, trastocarse, tronar, volar, volcar.
  • O ER absolver, cocer, conmover, demoler, desenvolver, devolver, disolver, doler, envolver, escocer, llover, moler, morder, mover, oler *3 , promover, remorder, remover, resolver, retorcer, revolver, soler *4 , torcer, volver *5 .
Present indicative Present subjunctive Imperative
Yo cuento Yo cuente  
Tú cuentas Tú cuentes Tú cuenta
Él cuenta Él cuente Usted cuente
Nosotros contamos Nosotros contemos Nosotros contemos
Vosotros contáis Vosotros contéis Vosotros contad
Ellos cuentan Ellos cuenten Ustedes cuenten

*1 Apostar meaning hacer apuestas is irregular; meaning situar is regular.
*2 Asolar meaning destruir is irregular.
*3 In addition desosar and oler bear h before the diphthong ue: deshueso, huelo, etc.
*4 Soler is defective. It is used in present indicative, present subjunctive and imperfect indicative.
*5 Volver, desenvolver, devolver, envolver and revolver have irregular past participle: vuelto, desenvuelto, devuelto, envuelto, revuelto, etc.